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   Name 3utools
⚠️ Version v2.63.003
Size 119.20MB
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3uTools is an iOS helper which helps iOS users to manage their iOS devices such as iPads and iPhones.  The tool can do various activities such as jailbreak, customization of your iOS device, new wallpapers, and ringtones your name it and the app will help you to do that. 

You can also check information about iOS devices whether any part is changed or replaced and also see the details about the parts used in your iOS device with their serial numbers and other information. To use all these features you just need to connect your device to a Mac/Windows Laptop or Desktop.
3uTools helps iOS users to manage their iOS devices effortlessly. 3uTools comes with a single-click jailbreak system.
 This Single use Jailbreak System can help you to jailbreak every iOS Framework easily. The tool comes with an Update manager so that you can avoid Auto System Update on your iOS device and remain on any specific iOS version.

3utools Features



  • Backup/Restore
  • 3uAirPlayer
  • Make Ring Tone
  • Stop iOS Update
  • Transfer Data
  • Batch Activation
  • Erase all data
  • Delete invalid icon
  • Virtual location
  • iDevice
  • Apps
  • RT & WP
  • Flash & JB
  • Toolbox
  • Tutorials


3uTools Requirements


  • Windows (Laptop/PC)or MacOS
  • The latest 3uTools installation package
  • Apple device’s USB cable
  • Internet connection


3uTools is the best tool available in the market for managing your iOS device and getting full control of your device. This is an IOS helper which will assist you in all the ways possible to manage your iOS device. This application will allow you to use its features which will help you to ease your experience with iOS devices. it will let you know the serial number of the parts used in your iOS device and all the related information about every single component of your iPhone or iPad.



You just need a Windows/Mac Desktop or Laptop and Download 3uTools Latest Version on your Mac or Windows Desktop/Laptop then connect your iOS device to your system and you are good to go.


Download 3utools



How to use 3uTools




This is how you can use 3uTools on your iOS devices. So You have to connect your iOS device to your PC which should have 3uTools installed in it. 

Just plug your cable into the PC and after a successful connection. 3uTools will show you all the details about your iOS device on its interface. You can check the details and can also use the amazing features that this app offers.




3uTools is among the best tools for iOS that are used for managing iOS devices. This iOS helper can do almost all your work including but not limited to JailBreak your iOS, Device Info, and Customization your iOS device easily.